Kristof Schroeder palaa Kouvolaan

Gridiron Staff 3.12.2013 12:42 16 kommenttia

Vaahteraliigan Kouvola Indians julkaisi tiedon TE Schroederin sopimuksesta hetki sitten.

Neljä maalia viime kauden sarjassa tehnyt saksalais-amerikkalainen (190cm/109kg) palaa toiselle kaudelleen Kouvolaan. Seuran tiedotteen mukaan Schroeder ottaa vastaan myös kahden juniorijoukkueen valmentajan tehtävät. Schroederilla on neljän vuoden kokemus yliopistotasolta Division III:n Puget Soundin yliopistosta.

Schroederin sopimus on hyvä asia Indiansille – ovathan pelaaja ja seura toisilleen jo ennalta tutut. Seura on saanut Europlayerissa viime aikoina osakseen varsin negatiivista palautetta. Schroederin sopimus kuitenkin osoittaa, että Indians teki asioita myös oikein kesällä 2013.


  • The feedback on euro players should be taken seriously by the SAJL as it affects the reputation of the maple league having such an unstable team in it. The GM is getting worse every year.

  • Well, the GM just got chosen to be a board member again in SAJL board…

  • He wasn’t chosen, no one else wanted the spot at SAJL. No what does that tell you about the state of football in Finland? We’re willing to let a person who many people dislike be part of our highest decisionmakers. It’s unfortunately well documented that multiple imports have had issues with the GM. It makes you wonder is he that bad at picking imports that he picks guys who have a terrible time adjusting and feel like they are getting mistreated every year or is there something wrong with the GM? Personally I feel for the GM some self searching is in order.

  • SAJL has nothing to do with choosing a GM for any other team than National Team. Every club team choose their own GM’s.
    Personally I can’t see what’s the poin in crying in Gridiron or other blogs about someones personal ”failures”. If you have something to complain, adress the bord of the club concerning.

    And for ”warranted critique”: If people don’t want to take any responsibilities in SAJL board, it’s not about the state of football. Its about the state of people involved in football. You choose the boardmembers from the people willing to carry the responsibilities.

  • Personal ”failures” happens in Finland and team is in Finland.
    So someone might think there is more teams and persons like that in Finland.

  • @vestcoat: You mean like M Vick went to jail, so every QB in NFL must be a crook? Or he plays in NFL and hes team is in NFL, so there is no credibility in NFL?
    Generalization of anything isn’t a very good habit.

  • I think that most people is full aware, that some teams have better members of staff than others. I don´t see any credibility problems jumping out of that.

  • Just wondering if there is more to the story than just the players stories… Always two sides in everything… I for sure would not sign players wining all over internet about how they were treated, whether true or not, it just isnt professional. Propably summer did not go as people planned, but I would presume there are legal ways to solve contractual issues and always makes me curious to see when those options are not utilised but instead issue is tried to be solved by bashing over internet. Like I said, I would not sign a player with that kind of a history. Plenty of players to sign without the baggage.

  • So what your saying in essence is that the Kouvola GM repeatedly signs whiny imports? Also have you seen the contracts teams have for imports? They’re not legal to begin with in a court of law. Europlayers is created as much for the players as it is for the teams. It gives other players a chance to voice (in this case bash) their opinion about a GM or a team. Wouldn’t you want to know about your future bosses track record with employees?

    So what they need to do in Kouvola is sign better imports and take care of their responsibilities so that they get decent feedback otherwise they won’t soon get anyone to come out there to play… Oh wait they’re there already! :D

  • Why would some one want to sign non legal contract? But you are missing the point. Bashing is not giving anything else than that that 1-2 players had a bad experience.. Maybe it was the gm, maybe it was the city, the apartment or maybe it was the players attitude, performance or whatever.. But the truth? Dont know.. Just saying I would stay away from players who take part in this kind of activities.. Why hire potentially unprofessional players?

    And dont think this type of bashing will have an effect on teams getting players. They will, there are always players willing to sign, even some returning :)

  • couple things.
    why would 10 players give they name on this matter if problem was not there.
    To Tiirapaasi. GM presents the club, player presents much more himself( Vick)
    I feel too that generalization is not good but infortunatery it happens and that eats credibility.

  • Tuo wonderer on kyllä niin selkeesti se (SIISTITTY) joka toimii Kouvolan GM:na

    Muokattu. Pysytääs asialinjalla? -Tuomo

  • Oho…taas henkilökohtaista juttua pukkaa.. futista kiitos

  • if you go to you can also find very positive feedback from imports that has played in Finland on other teams. For example go to Wolverines, Roosters, Crocodiles and Butchers europlayers profile page to start with. So I dont see how the credibility of the whole league and all the teams would be in jeopardy because imports had a bad experience with one GM. Is it good, absolutly not, will it make it much harder for other teams to recruit and sign imports, dont think so. Also many players probally research a little bit more than just the feedback about one team/GM especially if they are looking to sign with other teams in Finland. If they are wise they also use mulitple sources to get info about the team(players/organisation etc.) the the coaches, the game of football in Finland, the country and the city they are going to play in.

  • Yeah and if you go Indians EP site there is positive feedback too…